All About SEO

In our this post we will let you know All About SEO that is What is SEO and Some Tips and Tricks to get High Traffic for your Blog or Website. We are giving very detailed description of SEO and this information will help you for sure.We are not making things very complicated like other sites it is very easy guide for SEO which will help beginners for sure.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of improving the rank or we can say visibility of a website in search result for some keywords. For example we are searching 'Blog' on search and we will find this. This is because website ranking one in search result is SEO friendly.We are taking about unpaid result only. But SEO is of two type On page optimization and Off page optimization.

On Page Optimization 

On page is SEO or On Page Optimization is optimizing the page content according to keywords(target),proper heading , content , keywords placing and many more we will discuss all these factors in details .


1) Blog Post Title

Blog post title is most of the important factor which can effect your page ranking. Your post title should not be longer then 65 characters.It is advised to use keyword in the post title. Post Title should be catchy and the same time should not be misleading.

2) Keywords

keywords plays very important role in SEO. You should use target keywords very wisely as it is play very important role in SEO. You should use Keywords in post title . It is advise to use Keywords in first and last paragraph. Though we have to also use SEO in regular interval also. You should highlight all target keywords using italic font, bold, or using different colors.

3) Images 

Yes images plays a vital role in bringing up a large traffic into to your blog post so we should use images in blog posts. Use target keywords in image title or name and  image alt text . We are getting huge traffic from google image search.

4) Heading

Heading plays one of the most important role in SEO. Search Engines focus on heading of post like we should <h1>...</h1>  for first heading and keywords should be use accordingly in heading.After h1 we can use h2 ,....h6 as per requirement.

5) Meta tags and Meta Description 

Sometimes Meta tags and Meta description also plays a wide role in bringing traffic to web post. Hence meta description should not be too long it should be short containing all target keywords in it. Talking about Blogger for each post you should add content in Search Description it will act as a Meta Description.

6) Content

Content of a blog post is very much responsible for traffic. Content should be long enough more than 700 words containing target keywords.More you write it will ensure that reader spend more and more time on your site .Content should be more engaging and should provide information which reader is looking for. Interconnection of post is also very helpful, It will help reader to get all the content he or she is looking for in order to provide more information to reader you can provide link to exteranl site for relevant data but you should link with trusted site only.

7) Permalink

Permalink also plays and important role for SEO your post should have target Keywords not more than 50 characters , and should not contains Stop words

Some more tips

* Use some multi media content like images, videos etc it will make your post more attractive.
* Write as much as you can  more than 700 words.
* Ensure your webpage is mobile friendly.
* Page loading time should be low.

Off Page Optimization

Off page SEO or Off page Optimization is  SEO  optimization technique to get high page rank off the webpage. It is very vast topic and we will cover whole content in later post. Off page optimization consists of  :
i)   Link Building
ii)  Social Media

Link Building Getting  reference from other website is know as Link Building, There are many technique for link building we will discuss all of these  technique later.

Social Media Now days Social media is also helping in boosting up traffic there are many ways of improving ranking using social media like  using facebook , twitter etc.

There are  many more techniques for off page optimization which will be discuss in detail in later posts.
Check out the below video to get more information about SEO and tips 


So I hope you understand What is SEO and all your doubts about SEO is clear. You can contact  us  in case of any query please so share your thoughts with us. You can also go through our other posts to learn about blogging. 



Increase Your Blog Traffic                                         
Every Blogger wants more and more  people to  visit his\her blog .In order to do so bloggers have to follow many steps  like building a descriptive and SEO friendly blog or promoting their blog through interaction with other blog audience or promotion through social website like Facebook , Google plus etc. So we are providing you some steps follow these steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

1. Quality content and Write frequently

Quality content is a major key to bring readers back. So you should try to provide Quality content which is descriptive and interesting .Blogging frequently also helps in boosting blog traffic .You should try to frequently update your blog content in order to get more and more blog traffic. You should try to have long content that is your blog post should be around 700 words minimum. It is also advised not to have miss leading headlines. Sometimes bloggers use some catchy headlines in order to get more and more people engaged in their post , I am sure this trick works but for future visitors will not visit your site again.  

2. Submitting blog to search engine

Submitting blog to search engine like Google ,Yahoo can help in increasing blog traffic. Submitting blog to search engine increase your chances to being picked in search which is really helpful in getting readers.

3. Powers of Comments

Comments is very effective way of increasing blog traffic. We can use comments in many ways to increase blog traffic. Like replying to comments of readers.  Replying to readers’ comments can lead to improve interaction and result in increasing readership. We can also use  comments to bring readers  to our  blog simply by leaving comments on other blogs posts  .Your comment  should contain blog  url with some description of blog or  blog post.

4. RSS Feed

Rss FEED is an easy and effective way to bring back your readers and to update them with the content  or posts of your blog.

5. Importance of SEO

While writing a blog post you should keep remember about SEO(Search Engine Optimization).Your post should include  Relevant  keywords and Links. But your post should not contain irrelevant keywords as it will leave bad expression on readers. For more information you can check our new post about SEO and SMM.

6. Images

Images not only make your blog posts look good but it can also help in boosting up your blog traffic . Image search provided by search engines  like Google,Yahoo,Bing etc  can help you to get more and  more traffic.

7. Social Networking Sites

 Social Networking Sites can play a key role in bringing huge traffic to your blog. You can use Social Networking Sites in many ways in boosting up your blog traffic you can provide social networking sites share link with each post so that your readers can share what they like with their friends .You can interact with your target audience with the help of social networking sites you can share your post in your Google Plus account or you can use Your  Facebook page to share content of your post or You can simply tweets  about the post with post link. We will tell You about more methods in later posts.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging means writing guest blog post on other blogs or allowing other bloggers to write a guest post  on your blog .This method always work as blogs are exposed to more  audience and help in increasing blogs traffic.

9. MOBILE friendly Interface

Last but not least, this point is one of the post important thing that you should remember that is Interface now days mobile friendly interface is must as in today world most of the people use their mobile phone to surf net hence your blog theme should be mobile friendly so that visitors can easily open your website on their mobile phone. If your website is not mobile phone friendly there is high chance for a visitor not to come back on your site.

Check out the following video I am sure you will some thing new from this video

So we hope you understand how to increase blog traffic if you need any type of help contact us and don’t be shy .Friends I would like you to suggest that increase in traffic is not a rocket science it will take time and lots of efforts and friends believe me efforts in right direction are never wasted so WE  can only give you direction but you have to give your own efforts .And please share your thoughts with us .

SEO , SMM can take your business up to the next level !!

SEO and SMM can take your business up to the next level..



What is SEO ?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization . It May be define as improving  visibility  of a website in unpaid(or organic) search engines results ie getting higher rank in search engine result page.Basically while searching anything in search engines we use some specific words and that words are Know as Keywords.Hence Keywords play  key role in improving site ranking . SEO involves  optimizing a website  textual content,images, html code etc according to keywords so as to get high rank in search engine result page.We can also improve ranking through backlinks.
Well SEO is one the  biggest nightmare of new bloggers or website owners,it is very difficult to have SEO friendly webpage  it is not a easy task to find out relevant  keywords for niche, optimizing the content of webpage around specific keywords.

You will think that you can easily learn about SEO by just google ?
Yes it is possible to learn SEO by google but it will take very long time span in this time span you will lost most of you visitor. 
Hence It is recommended to use SEO Services to develop  a SEO friendly site and improving your ranking from very first day.

OK what companies providing SEO services do?

They will help you to developed a SEO friendly website, so you can get high traffic and ranking. They will help you to find out niche for your site, they will also help you to find out most relevant keywords , they will tell you how to optimize content of your webpage for better SEO , they will also arrange Backlinks for your website.
There are Thousand of Companies providing SEO services , But you need not to worry because we are here . We have found a company providing best seo promotion USA at very affordable price .

It is one of the best seo promotion Australia companies out there it provides guideline for web development, promotion,social media marketing, mobile apps, search engine optimization , they will help you to find out best niche and relevant keywords, they will provide you full plan to get ahead from your competitors and get high google ranking . With time everything changes, they will monitor everything and will help you to get adjust.
You can also have free a trail pack . 

SEO is a technique to show your website up in the search engines like Google , Bing , yahoo etc. Without SEO its nearly impossible to get the visitors .
SEO is of two types -

  • OnPage SEO 
  • OFFPage SEO

Both of these are helpful and have their own roles in ranking a post in google like search engines.


What is SMM ?

SMM Stands for Social Media Marketing .  SMM is way by which we can gain traffic from the social media .SMM is the best way to drive traffic from sites like facebook , twitter etc .

How to make a website Free, Easy, Reliable without any knowledge

Make a website

Hello welcome to Bloghike today in this post we are talking about how to make a good website in very easy , cheap and reliable way .
Anybody can make a website its really easy to make a website but making a good website from the user and search engines perspective is a tough task though it needs hard work patience and support.

Do you ever think to make a website ? If yes then this post is for you.
There are a lot of things that you have to keep in your mind while making a website like who will be your audience ( Visitors ),
 Design, Why you want to make a website to earn money or to share the information all over the world .
If you are making the website for sharing the information then you can surely drive some money through it .

What things you should keep in your mind to make your website stand out on the web or what makes a good website ?
1. Design of your website ( Appearance )
2. Functionality
3. Navigation
4. Content
5. Website usabililty
6. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Don't have much knowledge about all these things don't worry you can easily create a website in just 5 minutes or even less than that you can create website online here .

You can create or build site for free in Canada and other countries and its quite easy why don't you give a try in making your own website ? We also had a lot of doubts in our mind when we started our Bloghike , Tutons , rewindcaps etc .. So you can drop your doubts in comments we will surely help you in this.

Best regards,


What is Event Blogging?

What is Event Blogging

For the last few days many people are asking about event blogging. Some bloggers don't know what is event blogging and how can make money through it.I will explain it in very easy way!  click here for valentines day special

Event Blogging.

We can also called Event blogging as micro niche blogging.We can say that blogging is done on very rare niche or topics which are rare or just announced and there is very less content available on internet.For an  example Whenever a company announces it new product like car,smartphones,camera etc.Just after announcement people will start searching about it hence the product is just announced there is no much content about product hence you can have a blog on that product so that due to lack on content you will get easy google page ranking and can get high numbers of visitors in very short span of time. 
So some bloggers blog about product features, specification , quick reviews.These bloggers also take help of social media like twitter, facebook and even Youtube. Youtube videos also help in getting large numbers of visitors.
Like Now days bloggers are blogging about New year they have bought domains like happnewyear2k16(.)com, or 2k16messages(.)com etc so you can also have a blog for smartphone like motogturbo(.)com etc.Make sure that your blog is highly specific  keywords rich and don't think long earning from these types of blogs.The rate is of decrease in traffic is directly proportional to rate of increase in traffic hence these types of blogs don't have long time span.So use your sources accordingly.WE have take advised of many experts according to them is there is no problem of google ad sense on these types of blogs so you don't need to get worry. I would like to suggest you to be original, not to copy any thing. Build more and more links, it will help you for sure. In my point of view you can also take help of facebook, twitter etc also.You can also have your facebook page or twitter account for there you can easily get visitors. You can even run ads campaign i know it sounds silly that before earning I m asking you to spend money but believe me it will surely multiple your traffic and now days  facebook is providing some really good offers. 

So i hope now you know What is event blogging for any queries please contact us we will clear all your doubts .... 
You can also visit to our some other posts like 

2) Top 7 Blog Trends

Happy New year friends .....

What is The Difference between Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense Account?

What is The Difference between Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense Account?
AdSense is a free and a  simple way to earn money by 

displaying targeted ads next to your webpage. With

AdSense, you can show engaging and relevant  ads to your 

webpage visitors and even customize the look their looks.

As we all know  Google Adsense is a Google product and 

Google give us two type of Google Adsense . Hosted and 

Non-Hosted  Google Adsense

SO you all should know What is The Difference between 

Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense Account?

So Here is Difference..

Hosted  Adsense - It only works on google sites only, where 

you just can just provide contents like Blogger, Youtube, 

and  Google Books .

GOOGLE OWNED sites you get 50% revenue.

Non Hosted- You are free to put ads on any compliant sites 

you have like your hosted sites , wordpress etc you will get

 68% revenue.

How TO Use Meta Tag TO Improve SEO?

meta tags
What Is Meta Tag?

Meta Tag is a special type of Html tag which is use to provide the information about the webpage. Meta tags do not have any affects on the display of the page webpage. They provide information such as who created the page, how often it is updated, what the page is about, and which keywords represent the page's content.

You all know that Search engines do not open each webpage separately they just use keywords to get the information about the content of the webpage.Hence it is very important to have Keywords inside your webpage.And hence it is important to have Meta tag in your blog to Improve your SEO and have more and more traffic. 

How to add Meta tag in your Blog webpage?

Here we are providing a simple and easiest way to add Meta tag to your blog.
I would like to recommend to make a backup of your Template.
1.First go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML and find this line in your blog template HTML codes:

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
2.Then put the meta tags code immediately below that line. The final result should be as shown below.

1<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

2<meta content='PUT KEYWORDS HERE SEPARATED BY COMMAS' name='keywords'/>

3<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

4<meta content='PUT BLOG DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>

3.Save the template.

Conclusion:- So i hope you all understand how to use meta tag to improve SEO.For  any help please feel free to contact us.

How To Get Traffic From Twitter

twitter for traffic

Everyone wants to have huge traffic on website. But without promoting a website getting  traffic is difficult a task hence you have to promote your website to get traffic on your website. And in today world social networking sites a best to promote your website for free and get huge traffic on your website . You can use GOOGLE PLUS,FACEBOOK ,WHATSAPP, and TWITTER to get large amount of traffic to your site .
WE also have an experience of getting traffic from twitter. Twitter  is one of the best social networking site for getting huge traffic. 

But you have to use twitter well to drive huge traffic to  your site or blog, simply tweeting the title of your of blog post with a link will not always works. 
So just you need to follow following tweet methods for your blog  or site I am sure it  will help if you follow all these steps.

1. Short and Creative Tweets

Writing a short and attractive tweets in only 140 characters or less  is a tough job. But you should know Short tweets, under 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate.
When you tweets about  posts , you should get creative and should try making shorts tweets that attract interest in your posts. 

2. Tweets Interesting Quote From Post

Give follower a intro of your blog post which Include an interesting quote from your blog post. Quote should be concise and should give intro of your blog post that is some idea about the content of the post. 
Simply tweeting post title with a post link will not works.
Tweets with an interesting quote have a  large cjacne of retweet. And if your tweets gets retweets people will check your link for sure.  

3. #Hashtags

Using of Hashtags can help you to spread your tweets to various topics very easily .Hashtags provide a great way to connect with other users beyond your followers.
You can use hashtags to get traffic to your blog post but you should use your hashtags properly you should try to use those hashtags that are trending.

4. Statistics

If your post is having some Statistics about anything (related to your blog post) just tweet about it with your blog post link. People just love statistics.It has huge impact on the follower and more and more people will linked with blog post.

5. ASK for a Retweet 

This is the great way to get traffic from twitter.This can spread your blog related tweets very easily all over the twitter .Simply ask your follower to retweet your post. Tweets that ask for a “Retweet” get 12 to 23 times as many shares as compare to other.
If you are new and dont have followers you can also ask celebrity for a retweet by mentioning them in your tweets this will make your blog post visible to other and if you get a retweet it will be  bonus for you.
6. Promote Your Tweets
Promoted Tweets are a pretty inexpensive advertising option by Twitter. They can help
you to  spread your content to  target market.  You can set up your Promoted Tweets to target by  interests,geography, device used, and even by keywords.
By promoting tweets with a link to one of your blog posts, will help you to get huge traffic to your blog post.


so i hope now  you can use twitter properly to get huge traffic to your blog post .
Please do share your comments and thoughts with us . For  any help you can contact us we are always available for your help.

Use Facebook To Increase Blog Traffic

Use Facebook To Increase Blog Traffic
Facebook is one of most famous and widely used social networking site in all over the world. People spends hours on facebook doing chatting ,sharing pictures ,doing chatting  .Facebook is a useful tool to stay connected friends, family, colleagues and rest of the world .But you can use facebook  to get huge traffic on your website .
Following are tips to increase blog traffic

1. Have a decent facebook profile

Check your facebook profile .  IF you want to drive traffic to your blog  then you need to check that you have a decent profile that reflects your expertise in your filed. YOU should check all  types of your personal interest , pictures and videos include in your profile.  In order to have traffic on your blog through facebook your friend list should be huge and you don't want to share smoking ( any thing else ) with them.
SO you should check your profile what to share and what not to  share. 

2. Find Friends

Yes to get more and more traffic to your blog you should have more and more  friends in friend list . The more friends you have the more is your area of communication to promote your blog . You can find your friends with help of various pages and groups  on facebook . These friends also have same area of interest and will help you to get more and more traffic to your blog these friends will also help you to improve your blog.

3. Join Groups or Create Your Own Group

This is one of the best way to use facebook as a traffic source for your blog. Join group or Create your own group and invite people to join these group. This will help you to communicate to different type of people you can participate in different conversation taking place in groups.You can  use these groups to promote your blog you can tell purpose of your  blog and your role in blog and how this blog can help others. 

4. Create a Facebook Page and Become a Fan of Other Facebook Pages

Facebook page is also useful source to get large amount of traffic  . You can like a facebook page of related topic and join conversation or you can have your own facebook page .
You can create  facebook page of your blog under brand category   use facebook page to show all the latest post and update of your blog .Use facebook to share your contents and views . Facebook page is great way to interact with your reader you can ask them to share their knowledge or views .

5. Link Your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page

Link Your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page. .You should have a profile which is linked with other social networking  accounts this is great way to attract readers from different types of social networking platform . 

6. Promote Your Facebook Link

You can also show your facebook page like option to your website so more and more people like your page . By doing this you can get regular reader very easily to your website you can also add your personal facebook Id link.

7. Be Active

After creating facebook page, profile and group some of the users disappear they use their pages, groups and profile  rarely this have very negative impact on the followers they think that user is not at all serious and doing this only for time pass and this result in huge decline in followers and traffic .
SO remain active on this types of pages ,group and profile and do update all these frequently .

8.Place a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are inexpensive as compare to other ads providing company and cover huge audience which result in increase in blog traffic .

Conclusion -
 SO  i hope now you can use facebook as great source of traffic for your blog.
You can also check our other post regarding traffic .

How To Take Your Free Blogspot Blog Up

Blogging Tips and Tricks
                                    Blogging Tips and Tricks
Everyone knows how to make a blog on or any other blogging platform which are available for free . But only some of them knows how to take their blogs up . Today I'm gonna share some tips / tricks which will surely help up. 
Hope you will read this with an interest .

In this post i will cover only about the blogs which have the in their end or for the bloggers who are blogging on the blogspot with their own custom domains.

First i will prefer you to have a look at my totally free blog ( That's my personal blog )
 Can you imagine that the above blog is hosted on blogger free and i am using the custom domain on that . ( A blog about blogging )

 I changed each and everything on this blog  + I bought a domain and setupped it on my's blog 

#1 Tip - Change your blog's default template.

Read - > Learn how to change the template in blogger 

You can also choose their default templates but they don't look so good due to which you can face lacking of visitors on your blog as you know design matters a lot . The blogger dynamic view template is also good but u may not be able to show ads on that template i have tried to put the ads but they didn't seemed to be working.

#2 Tip - Add the meta tags for SEO ( Search engine optimization)

To get the views from the search engines like google search engine , yahoo- bing search engine we have to add the meta tags in our code.

Read - > Learn how to add meta tags

#3 Tip - Promote your blog on the social networking sites

Try to post in groups on facebook but donot spam .You won't believe that just by posting my link 3 times on facebook i earned more than Rs 150 because my post got viral you can have a look at that post .

Click to view the post on 

I got more than 750 share and likes on facebook .

#4 Tip - Choose a great title it works smoothly

Read - > How to choose title

Title is the head of  your post . It gives visitor an idea what content will be there in your post .So make you title eye catching and good that can work smoothly.

#5 Tip -Content is king

If you are a blogger then you may be already knowing that content is always the king . So don't copy paste because you may not be able to earn money if you will copy paste. And moreover there will be less chances to get good views on the copy paste material .

You may love to make money through your blog -

 Learn how to do money blogging