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Top Blogs Trends Rocking in France

I just noticed that people are just interested in knowing of blogs trends that are working all over the and in their nation .So it is time for France .Now I am providing the list of top trends that are rocking in France.
technical blog

1->Technical blogs we all know that these types of Blog works all over the world .There is  huge competition among author of these blogs so you have to something different to make their blog run and attract more and more reader.You can also get tips to run such technical blogs from our site.
Top technical blog trending in France is
pizza(food blog)

2->Food blogs are also trending among  French.There are thousands of blog on food.Food blogs are of many types like on particular food item like chocolate, pastries,health food,pasta , pizza(my favorite) etc..etc .. list is very long.
There are some blogs which allow their user to share their different ideas which increase interest of reader and result in more and more traffic and money.
One of best top food blog of France is
magazine blog

3->Magazine blogs these types of blog covers large type of topic such as culture,travel,movies,health,tech,sex etc etc ..
as you can understand these blogs can not be run by a single or two author. is on top of this type.
car automobile blog

4->Automobile blogs these type of blogs are also rocking in France.Blogs like provides information about all types of car of any brands . These types also provide all type of information about engine ,car accessories.
travel blog

5->Travel Blogs these type of blogs are also like tech blogs these blogs trends all over the world.A good travel blog covers all aspect which reader wants you can check here
Running these types of blog is not very easy but if you can do it . It would be difficult  for you to count your money. 
photo blog

6-> Photo blogs are also favorite topic of blogging for blogger who have DSLR cameras and want  to show their skill to rest of the world .Reader loves to share their pic with other. 

7-> Political Blogs also are on top in blogs trends in France.In my point of view only old uncles and aunties are interested in these types of boring topic so you can skip this type of idea .You can visit
cultural blog

8-> Cultural blogs is hot topic in blogging area of France .France is having Rich culture and french bloggers wants to show off this among english and rest World.

Hope you understand what I am trying to say . And choose you blog trend .In advice write your blog in Both french and English as you dont want to struck in small boundaries .
YOU can
1-> check out this link too .

4-> You can get traffic for your blog using google plusfacebook,twitter ,whatsapp ...etc..
5-> Have a look on different trends working in US.
6-> Have a look on top trends.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

10 Interesting Blog Trends

Blogging Trends
Blogging Trends
  1. Informative Blogs:We commend the time it must take to research and write informative blogs. Some cover topics in history or current events; others relate detailed information on hobbies, techniques or procedures.
  2. Creative Rants:Rants are posted everywhere and we understand that it must feel good to get the frustration out. But some bloggers have made the extra effort to make their rants entertaining, informative and even funny.
  3. Company Weblogs:Companies are beginning to see the benefit of projecting a more “human” or “approachable” image and are publishing blogs. We have seen some blogs that do a good job at educating customers about products or even frustrations and accomplishments involved in developing a new product.
  4. Personal Accounts:Often news broadcasters/ publishers do not have the time or space to relate the whole story. Some writers are taking it upon themselves to document the daily details of an event, like a political race or a natural disaster. This has added a ground level, human voice to pivotal events.
  5. Cultural Introspectives:Some people are using their blogs to help others understand their culture, history and social views, in hope that understanding will inspire improved global relations and altruistic action.
  6. Pioneering Ideas:Many blogs start a buzz or promote original ideas before they are realized or marketed to the general public. Since most blogs are not motivated by monetary goals they are free avenues of discussion of innovative or alternative thought.
  7. Niche Notching:Blogs are cheap or free and readily available, so even blogs that cover obscure or unique topics find readers. No matter what your interest is, you can find a blog on that topic.
  8. Family Blogs:Staying in touch is hard and there are always schedule conflicts. Some families use a blog to share family news and pictures and the blog is available to the entire family anytime of day.
  9. Creative Writing:Getting published is hard; publishing a book takes a long time and comes with challenges. Some writers are skipping the traditional publishing route and just writing. Blogs can get a writers work out to the world in a hassle free manner. We found many well–composed and thoughtful posts originated by talented writers.
  10. Travel Blogs:We discovered interesting travel accounts. Some bloggers write about vacationing, others about their tour of service or their research and humanitarian efforts in an impoverished or developing country.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Tips for Building a good Tech Blog

Blogging can be seem like a quick easy way to draw attention towards yourself as a technology professional. You post your opinions on Web trends, information architecture or whatever strikes your fancy, and pronto, you've got a worldwide audience.

If only it were that easy.
Blogging can be a savvy way to develop your street cred as a techie, but it takes a certain combination of audacity, persistence and writing ability. In particular, IT bloggers should avoid focusing solely on technical matters; successful blogs of any sort typically bring a degree of opinion and personality to the mix, whether the topic is political shenanigans or programming. 
What's more, you've got lots of competition. "Even in the technical world, there seems to be an overabundance of blogs,"
To make your blog stand out, follow these tips:
Be an Authority
If you want to position your blog as a technical one, you need to decide on a focus, such as game development or open-source software, and bring a legitimate degree of credibility to it. A blogger who focuses on Linux will be much more effective if he works full-time in a Linux environment, consults on Linux issues, etc.,
You don't have to be a tech guru to be an authority. After all, even interns have authored popular blogs. Entry-level Web designers and unemployed coders can develop an audience if they write about their experiences with verve and authority.
Just make sure your employer doesn't have objections. As The Virtual Handshake notes, you should consider the future career consequences of what you say in your blog.
Reference Other Bloggers
Be sure to link to influential bloggers and their posts within your own blog; if you're lucky, they will link back. But don't focus solely on the top one or two bloggers, or else you will look like you just want attention (and links). Other bloggers with clout who aren't the stars of the scene may be more likely to link back to you. Try referencing the bloggers who are read by the top bloggers,
Let Your Personality Show
Blogs began as an intensely personal medium, often having a diary-like quality to them. While blogs have since evolved, many still convey plenty of personality. Let your personality show
Be Passionate
Unless you feel strongly about your subject, you will have a tough time succeeding as a blogger. "You have to enjoy what you are blogging about -- it's as simple as that.
Explain Technical Matters
tech blog
To prove your knowledge about your particular technology sector, Jon Henshaw, Internet strategist for Sitening, suggests you provide information that techies crave, like "informative tutorials [and] ingenious software solutions."
Blog Frequently
Blogging requires time -- lots of time. "The number one thing is to blog as often as possible and to make every post as interesting and useful as possible," says Henshaw, who manages his company's blog.
Enlist Your Friends' Help

Henshaw suggests bloggers ask friends and colleagues to submit posts to spots popular with technology bloggers, such as del.icio.usDigg and Newsvine. Attention breeds attention, and blogging is, without a doubt, a viral activity. "The fact is, one digg or popular vote from can catapult a blog from obscurity to notability," Henshaw says.

Top blogs in UK

Here we are providing you list of top 10 blogs of UK
top 10
top 10 blogs of UK

With in excess of 5 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the world’s largest blog on social networking. It’s written by Pete Cashmore, a new media expert

The UK version of focusing on Web and Mobile startups.

The world’s biggest community site and portal for smartphones running the Symbian OS, with over 1.5 million visitors each month.

Reporting on all the latest cool gadgets and technology in the continual search for the coolest gadget. Has over 60,000 subscribers and serves over 1 million page views per month.

A parody blog about internet marketing. Dedicated to

B3TA has been described as a “puerile digital arts community” and features funny and interesting things found on the Web.

Dave Naylor is one of the worlds leading search engine optimisation consultants. has expert advice, research and guides to help people develop internet marketing strategies and online marketing campaigns.

An internet marketing blog run by Patrick Altoft. Launched in June 2007.

Tech Digest is one of Europes leading sites for consumer technology news, reviews and opinion.

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