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Readers love to read, comment and share posts. This is the real  effective way of getting huge blog traffic. And  We will  use this phenomenon  when sharing our blog posts on Google plus to attract maximum readers and get maximum traffic. 

1. Stylize Your Posts

When writing post for our own blog, we should highlight some text to grab reader’s attention by doing this we are making our blog more attractive . 
We can apply many types of styles  to our texts some of them are given below :
  1. Bold: Use asterisks sign (*) around the text to bold it. Bold keywords there. It’ll  grab viewer’s attention easily and make blog more attractive too.
  2. Italics: Use underscores (_) around the words and italicize them easily to add more style.
  3. Strikeout: Suppose if you are offering a product or discount coupon code, you can easily run a line through old offer (like:20% 30% discount) by putting hyphens (-) around that word or sentence to highlight new offers.
  4. Bullets: Bullets add more value to your content. You can also make use of bullets in your Googl+  posts. Hit space bar, enter a hyphen, and then hit  space bar again. It will works as bullets and you can use it to add lists to your post.

2. Share Images – Not Just the Links

Sharing blog posts links is a most common way to share posts on Social Media sites. You need many changes to attract more readers. When you go to share your new posts on Google+ don’t just share some text and link but also use given patterns to increase viewer’s engagement.
  1. Put a Heading first and apply some formatting to it. It is sometime better to use  Bold.
  2. Add some text of one -two lines that better explain your post and increase reader’s interest to read your post.
  3. Give one line gap and then place your's blog post link.
  4. Now attach a high quality and attention grabbing image with your post. It will surely help you to target wider audience.

3. Choose Targeted Audience To Share

Targeting right audience is most important and effective way to increase interaction and conversion. Google+ allows us to create different circles and we can add different people to different circles to share our posts . Mostly people used to share their posts with Public and there Circles.
I am surprised why they don’t create more circles to target their blog audience. Build relationships with others having interest in your niche. Add all of them into a specific circles and share your posts with them. 

4. Tick “Send Email” For More Attention

Why not to use “Send Email” feature to get more attention of the readers. When you ready to hit share option, put a tick on “Send Email” check box to deliver your G+ post directly to the inbox of the people in this circle.
Note: No doubt sending emails is great to get extra traffic but take care about the circle by which you are sharing. Only send emails to right audience otherwise non-interesting people will get annoy with your emails in their inbox and surely mute you.

5. Target Google Plus Communities

If you are a member of different communities on G+, then you can easily post into those communities directly from your profile, from within the communities itself and using “Share” option at the bottom of your posts.
Click on the share option below your posts and then select the communities in which you want to post.
In this way, you not only save your precious time that you need to invest for posting in communities but also can target large audience to read your latest posts. 
Few More Interesting Tips:
  1. Use Hashtags in your G+ Posts. It’s a smart and quite effective way to target a larger audience. You can also increase your Google+ followers using Hashtags. 
  2. Create videos and upload them to Youtube. Add post link in description of video   and share these videos on Google+. It has 3 benefits:
    • Your Google plus posts will look more attractive.
    • You will get referral traffic from Youtube and Google plus also
    • You can make money by using Youtube Partner Program. Sharing videos and get viewers. Maximum views will give you maximum benifits.
  3. Respond to readers comment on your G+ post by adding their name in the comments body by putting a plus (+) sign in front of their names. It will increase readers engagement on your post and you can get maximum +1s, comments and traffic.


Not only the G+, but all the social media sites have great sources of free and targeted traffic if we come to know their proper use.
Now it’s your turn to share your experience with me. Please tell us how you make use of Google plus or any other social media like facebook ,twitter site to get blog traffic? I will be thankful to you if you share your knowledge with us. Thank you all and Happy Blogging 


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