How To Start A Blog

start a blog

FRIENDS creating a blog is not a tough job. But creating a  good and  successful blog is quite a tough job by a beginner.
Don't worry guys in this post I will share all my experience .

STEP 1- First of all you have to create a blog CLICK HERE to get all information about it.
ideas for blog

STEP 2-But before starting a new blog you have select a topic of your blog . You can check here to get ideas for your blog.
other blogging platform

STEP 3-You can also check other blogging platform .
domain name

STEP 4- Wait Wait please remember your blog name should be simple and you should (if you can) have your own blog domain .It is not a big deal to have a domain but you have to spend money to buy domain name .We spend $50 to purchase .
Click here to get information about how to purchase a domain name. 

STEP 5- Now after creating your blog, registering your blog domain .You have to find out content for your blog click here to find out how you can do it.

STEP 6- Your posts shuould have good title CLICK here to get more information how to have hit post titles.
Your blog post should have images .Images is very important part of blogging . Click here to find out how to choose images for your blog.
traffic and money

STEP 7- Now after following all these steps you should have to do many steps to draw traffic to your blog and earn more and more.

you can use many social networking sites to get traffic 



Google plus

google adsense

STEP 8- Now if you want to earn Money you have to understand concept of Google adsense or other blogging site.


Follow all these  steps to create an awesome blog but this post don't covers all post of my blog so you have to
1 click here to check how to add widgets to your blog.
2 click here to check famous and important apps for blogging.
3 click here to check how to change default bloggers templates.
4 click here to get information about starting a good tech blog.

IN this i try  my best to cover all the basic steps for blogging.
It is just like accessing bloghike from just one post.
PLEASE do share your thoughts with us thanking you... 


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  1. wow whole bloghike in 'one post

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